Packing Tips

At Atrium Storage we want you to have a great self storage experience. Packing is not an overly difficult task but if you put some thought and planning into it you can make the most out of every square inch of your space and potentially save money. Most people tend to think they need more space than they actually do. Hopefully these packing tips will help you pack your self storage unit efficiently and pack your belongings like a pro!

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Choose the right box

Pack as much of your belongings in strong uniformed sized boxes as this will make stacking them easier, allowing you to make the most of the vertical space.

For every one large box you will need about four small- to medium-size. Use the smaller boxes for heavy items such as books and dishes; the large boxes for lighter items like bedding, blankets and linens.

Avoid using garbage bags because they tear easily and lack ventilation, which can result in mildew.

Don’t overload the boxes

Packed boxes should not weigh more than you can comfortably lift. Pack heavy items at the bottom of boxes to provide a stable base.

Make sure they remain “square” and do not bulge at the top or sides. This way they will stay stable when you stack them in your storage unit.

It’s also important to not under pack the boxes. If the box is half empty, the contents can shift during transport, they can also get crushed under the weight of heavier boxes or items. Use foam packing peanuts to fill empty spaces without adding much weight.

Use hanging wardrobe boxes

Prevent wrinkling and damage to trousers, dresses, suits and evening wear by hanging them in a wardrobe box.

With these boxes, you can reduce packing and unpacking time by just moving hung items straight from your closet to the boxes.

You can also use these wardrobe boxes to hang drapes, bedding or to store garden tools or garage items.

Tape your boxes up

Good quality packaging tape is essential. Closing your boxes with packing tape to make sure they maintain their structure and protect your items. Be sure to firmly close the top and bottom flaps with wide tape.

Label your boxes

Use a heavy black marker to label the box. This will save you from having to open every box when you need something later.

Pack vertically

If you plan to store any large furniture, such as couches, dressers, or even bedframes, you’ll want to ensure that these items are utilizing primarily vertical space. Standing these bulky items on end helps to maximize less-used vertical space and allows you to fit more inside your self-storage unit.

Stack your boxes, maximising your space, from the back of the unit and fill your space methodically towards the front – don’t forget to use single items for filling gaps as you go.

Identify your heaviest or fullest boxes, and put these with your bulky items in your storage unit first. Position any items that you will need regular access to at the front of the unit. If you’re going to need regular access to most of the items in the unit you may want to leave an aisle.

Clearly mark the stacking direction of boxes that contain items that should be stored in a certain way —such as glassware, picture frames and lamps that can otherwise be easily damaged when stored wrongly.

Install shelving

You can bring metal shelving to help organize your storage unit and help to make the most of the less-used vertical space. If you try to stack too many boxes on top of each other, the bottom ones will crush and crumple under the weight. Shelving allows you to stack boxes safely and take advantage of the height of your storage unit.

Make the most of hollow spaces

Don’t leave wardrobes, chest of drawers, laundry baskets or suitcases empty. Fill those spaces with things such as clothing, linen or pillows.

Protect your furniture

Cover and pad furniture with protective materials to keep them in good condition during the moving process and while in storage. Remove cushions from sofas and wrap or place them in plastic bags.

Make items as small as possible

Many stored items can be made smaller. For example you can reduce the size of bed frames to help them fit more comfortably in your storage space.

Wrap frames together with tape (use the non-sticky side to avoid tape residue) then place any screws in plastic bags and tape them to the frame.

Blankets and duvets can be bulky to move, especially if you have way too many. Vacuum pack the blankets, towels and seasonal duvet you know you won’t need any time soon to save on space.

Hopefully these packing tips will help you pack your self storage unit efficiently and pack your belongings like a pro!

At Atrium Self Storage we have a wide range of storage unit sizes available. Our smallest units are 25 square feet and our largest are 170 square feet. We also have many sizes in between. We’re sure that we have something that will meet your needs. See our self-storage calculator for assistance on your storage size requirements or visit the storage site at Hellaby and one of our friendly team will show you the sizes we have available and advise you on your space requirements for your needs. Contact us today for more information.