Storage Unit Size Guide

Are you considering a self-storage unit but are unsure as to what size to get? Our self-storage unit size guide is here to help you find out what sized unit you will need! Our units range in size from 25sq all the way up to 170sq, so your intended use for the unit will play a large factor in the size of the unit that you will need.

What makes our storage unit guides stand out from other self-storage size guides on the web is that our guide is custom made to the size of our units, meaning that when we say that our units can hold a specific amount of stuff, you can be confident that it is accurate and as such, are making the right choice!

We also make our storage unit size guides easy to understand, breaking down the numbers of the space of the unit into an easy to understand the size, such as a garden shed or 2 bedroom property, along with also telling you what vehicle type you would need to have to transport all of those items, taking away the guesswork and uncertainty.

Still, have questions about the size of our units or feeling unsure on which one is the right one for you? Feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly team who will be more than happy to assist you with your queries or questions about our self-storage size guides and units.

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