At Atrium Storage we want you to have a great self storage experience. Packing is not an overly difficult task but if you put some thought and planning into it you can make the most out of every square inch of your space and potentially save money. Most people tend to think they need more space than they actually do. Hopefully these packing tips will help you pack your self storage unit efficiently and pack your belongings like a pro!

With the aim of making your move to an Atrium Storage unit go as smoothly as possible, here is some packing advice. Putting some time and thought into the packing of your storage unit is key and will ensure that you are taking advantage of the storage space available to you. This is a relatively straight forward but it’s worth doing the ground work as it will save you time and potentially money. You probably don’t need as much space as you think and an efficient packing plan will illustrate this. With these hints and tips we’ll have you boxing up your belongings like a seasoned master.