At Atrium Storage we want you to have a great self storage experience. Packing is not an overly difficult task but if you put some thought and planning into it you can make the most out of every square inch of your space and potentially save money. Most people tend to think they need more space than they actually do. Hopefully these packing tips will help you pack your self storage unit efficiently and pack your belongings like a pro!

Learn how South Yorkshire small businesses are taking advantage of self storage to modernise how they run their operations. Helping them to save time and make more money. Every storage unit represents a possible extension to a business’s premises, an extra store room or even a brand new start-up’s HQ.

For this blog, we’re taking a look at a few reasons why space-strapped small businesses should consider using a facility like Atrium Self Storage to maximise profits and minimise waste.


Flexibility is the best friend of a small business. Your work loads and needs can change overnight. Good news – self-storage contracts don’t work like those of commercial properties. So if you decide you need extra space, you can arrange it almost immediately. Likewise, if you no longer require a unit or wish to reduce the space, this can be done with limited notice.
And, what if you need to receive a delivery but can’t be there in person? Don’t worry. There’s always someone onsite at Atrium Self Storage during our office hours, to act as a pick up and drop point, freeing you up to carry on delivering your business and ultimately making money.

Many of our business customers work unsociable and erratic hours so benefit from the 24/7 unrestricted access. Jack Naylor runs J&J Joinery, a South Yorkshire based building and renovations company who moved into Atrium Self Storage earlier this year. Their business was booming but they were rapidly running out of storage space. Jack reflects, “The facility has 24/7 access which is perfect for our needs as we often work nights so we can collect or drop off materials whenever we like.”

Another tenant whose leaflet distribution business is renowned for their flexibility approach is Compass Distribution. MD Alan Fenn explains, “Atrium Self Storage offers secure and clean facilities and a convenient location to service our customers across South Yorkshire. Unlimited electronic access means we can access our materials at any time of the day or night.”

Cost Effective

Whatever your business function or size, managing healthy running costs is paramount. Self storage can be an effective way to ensure waste is minimised whilst profits are maximised. J&J Joinery have benefited greatly from having their own unit. Jack reveals, “We need self storage to store materials and specialist tools for jobs. It is also good if there are any leftover materials from jobs. We can store them in our unit which enables us to save money when costing for the next job. It is a perfect place to build-up a stock to ensure we are always organised.”


Last but not least, you need to be confident your goods and equipment, which ultimately represent your livelihoods, are safe at all times. Imagine being without your tools or stock, your business could instantly dry up. That’s without the additional stress and cost of replacements and increased insurance premiums!

At Atrium Self Storage we have invested in state of art security and surveillance with global motion sensor CCTV including individual cameras per unit, monitored intruder alarms and fire detection systems.

“The facility has tremendous security which means I can sleep at night knowing our materials will be safe and sound. Compared to a lot of other places Atrium Self Storage is by far the best I could find. The size of the units and affordability are second to none. By far the biggest most secure unit for the money. Fair enough you can get containers for £20 a week but it is nowhere near as secure as Atrium Self Storage which puts my mind at ease.” Said Jack.

So are you ready to accelerate your business to the next level? With many businesses starting at home in the spare room, garage or around the kitchen table, taking the leap to commercial premises can feel scary and costly. However, having your own lockable self storage unit is the perfect stress-free low-risk solution to help you save time and make more money.

To find out more about the spaces on offer at Atrium Self Storage please contact us today.