Why You Should Free Up Space In Your Home

A lot of modern homes utilise a minimalist design scheme, which requires homeowners to free up space. Even if your home does not adhere to a minimalist design scheme, it is often hugely beneficial to free up space. You may be wondering, however, what the truthful benefits are of freeing up space at home. What do homeowners stand to gain when they free up space? Today we are going to be helping anyone that is wondering ‘’why free up space?’’. Continue below where we delve deeper into this topic. 

Free Up Space: What are the Benefits of Decluttering?

Although a great deal of people often know they need to declutter the home, they may lack the motivation to do so. What we are going to highlight in this article is the tangible benefits you stand to gain when you free up space. So, why free up space? Clearing space in the home not only creates a better environment for children and pets, but it may help to alleviate stress. We explore these points in further detail below.   

  • Better For Children  

Children, especially young ones, need space to grow and develop. Moreover, children are liable to fall over more and hurt themselves. If you free up space at home, you reduce the risk of any falls being significant. Additionally, you give your children more space to explore and develop. 

  • Better For Pets 

Similarly to younger children, pets need space to wander and explore. If your home is extremely cramped and cluttered, this can be distressing for pets. For large dogs in particular, a lack of available space can be miserable. By creating more space at home, you provide an environment that is more appealing to pets and little ones. 

  • More Appealing to Guests

If you have ever been a guest in someone’s home, you will know that there is little worse than a home that is cluttered and, subsequently, untidy. If you are a family that enjoys hosting guests, friends and relatives, you will benefit greatly from freeing up space. People will have a better perception of your home and, as already mentioned, you will create an environment that is nicer for guests and entertaining. 

  • Better For People Working From Home

If you are someone that struggles to concentrate when working from home, your cluttered home may be a large contributor. Having a clear out and creating an ordered and organised workspace is conducive to productivity and eliminates a number of distractions. Even if you do not struggle with focusing on work however, a spacious workspace is surely nicer than being in a room that is crowded. 

  • Less Stress 

It is suggested that decluttering can provide a sense of control and accomplishment. This helps to alleviate stress and can have a positive impact on your mental health. We hope any one that wondered ‘’why free up space?’’ is now aware of the fantastic benefits associated with decluttering your property. For anyone who wishes to create more space, we outline some useful tips below. 

What Is the Best Way to Free Up Space? 

There are a number of ways that you could successfully free up space at home. Some examples include:

  • Reordering rooms in your property 
  • Selling, donating or recycling items 
  • Creating more space through structural changes (extensions, knocking through walls)
  • Renting a secure unit in a storage facility 

In our opinion, renting a storage unit offers you greater flexibility and control. Not only this, but it is considerably cheaper than, say, building an extension on your home. 

Donating or selling old possessions is a great way to create more space in and around the home. This is very final however. Once those items are donated or sold, they can not be retrieved. If your items have sentimental value, this can be particularly upsetting if you have given those items away in a rush. 

Storage facilities, such as our own, offer customers a cost effective and practical space saving solution. And, in our opinion, storage units succeed where selling or donating items fails. A storage unit can be kept for an extended period of time, and can house items that you may not want now but will in the future. Most importantly, renting a storage unit gives you space outside of your property to store items. For the aforementioned reasons, this is hugely beneficial to a great variety of homeowners. 

Free Up Space With Atrium Self Storage 

The team at Atrium Self Storage sincerely hope that anyone who ever questioned ‘’why free up space?’’ now understands the importance of a spacious home. As suggested, renting a storage unit is often the answer to space saving questions. For secure, spacious and cost effective storage units in South Yorkshire, we encourage you to look no further than Atrium. Contact us today to see how we can help.