The Benefits of Self Storage for Small Businesses

The benefits of self storage are numerous. If you own a small business, you may be surprised to hear that you, especially, can benefit from renting a storage unit. Whether this is on a temporary basis or permanently, you can reap the rewards. When you are starting a business and trying to generate revenue, flexibility and space can help significantly. You may be wondering how. Today we are going to not only outline the benefits of storage units, but additionally how a small business can be benefitted by a storage unit. 

The Benefits of Self Storage

The self storage industry has grown in popularity in recent years. It appears more and more people are now seeing the advantage of using a self storage facility on a temporary or semi permanent basis. 

For homeowners, self storage offers the opportunity to free up space. This can be invaluable for people that have smaller homes, little children and lots of possessions. In addition to this, a lot of storage facilities offer a great deal of flexibility to customers. Here at Atrium, for example, we allow customers to cancel anytime as long as they provide 14 days written notice. This flexibility is extremely beneficial, especially for those with plans that are not fixed. 

As well as homeowners, there are other people that can benefit hugely from using self storage. We often have enquiries from small businesses looking for a temporary storage solution. The benefits of storage units pertain to small businesses hugely. Continue below where we outline why. 

Do Small Businesses Experience The Benefits of Self Storage?

Depending on the type of business you run, self storage can help you on your journey of turning your company into a success. Here is how it can help: 

  • Business Expansion Is Easier

Business expansion is difficult when you are starting out. With a limited budget, it can seem like everything is stacked against you. Typically, as a business owner you will need a place of business: somewhere where you can operate. Self storage can help you reduce the size of this, and subsequently keep costs down. If you are reducing the amount of overheads and rent on an office, for example, you can put more into the expansion of the company. 

  • Security/ Safety 

As a small business, you may have valuable stock that needs to be protected. Moreover, you may have valuable equipment that also needs to be protected. A theft can be extremely costly and damaging to a business, especially one that is just starting out. In this sense, a self storage facility can be extremely helpful. Any expensive equipment or stock may be kept in your unit, and this significantly reduces the risk of theft. 

  • Useful For Transitions

Small businesses just starting out and finding their feet are likely to go through quite a few transitional periods. A business in growth is always evolving, and there may come a time where you have to move or reestablish yourself. It can be helpful to know that, should this be the case, a self storage facility is there: offering a safe and secure space to keep stock or equipment. 

  • Convenient Space

One of the significant benefits of storage units is the sheer convenience. You can access your lot at Atrium 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you are a small business, renting a storage space allows you to keep your stock or inventory in one place. This can then be easily accessed at any time. If you are looking to keep track of stock and create a regimented order system, this will certainly help. 

Benefits of Self Storage By Atrium Self Storage

The benefits of self storage are plenty. If you are a small business, there are also a number of benefits that pertain to you. Although we touched on a few in this article, there are certainly more. Truthfully, having additional space that can be conveniently accessed at all times is great for a wide variety of businesses for a range of reasons. If you would like more information on the business storage options available here at Atrium, visit our dedicated page. Alternatively, you can contact us with the information provided on this page